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Paul Kelly

People (CD)

People is fourth in a series of themed compilations from PK.

From his vast catalogue, Paul has chosen 18 tracks exploring the theme of People. Paul states “The fourth ‘mixtape’ focuses on real people. Well, mostly. Three fictional characters have made the list by virtue of their names being song titles – Anastasia, Desdemona and Josephina. And Arthur McBride inhabits the borderland between legend and history. All the rest have definitively walked this earth or still do and all are truly remarkable.”

The compilation also includes two new songs and two new recordings. "Light On The Hill," from the musical Keating! written by Casey Bennetto, imagines Paul Keating’s thoughts the night of his 1996 election loss. "Laughing Boy" is a song Paul wrote around 1984 after reading Borstal Boy, the autobiography of Irish writer Brendan Behan.

1. Light On The Hill
2. Laughing Boy
3. Stephen Foster's Last Waltz
4. Every Step Of The Way
5. Charlie Owen's Slide Guitar
6. Bradman
7. The Ballad Of Queenie And Rover
8. Rally Round The Drum
9. A Bastard Like Me
10. Anastasia Changes Her Mind
11. Pigeon/Jandamarra
12. Every Day My Mother's Voice - Live at Sidney Myer Music Bowl 2019
13. Desdemona
14. From Little Things Big Things Grow - Live at Sidney Myer Music Bowl 2022
15. Our Sunshine - Live at Sidney Myer Music Bowl
16. Josephina
17. Shane Warne
18. Arthur McBride