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Under The Sun (CD)

Under The Sun was originally released in December 1987 - again co-produced between Paul himself and Alan Thorne. The album peaked at #19 with the classic singles "To Her Door" peaking at #14 and, "Dumb Things" (given wide popularity after its inclusion in the smash film of the time 'Yahoo Serious' peaking at #36 in early 1989. 'Bradman' and 'Don't Stand Too Close To The Window' in particular have become highly cherished gems. Under The Sun is characterised by acoustically bright story songs and character-based tales with unlimited substance and displays Kelly's knack for including history, nostalgia, and life's little lessons in between his guitar playing . cementing him as one of the best storytellers in music.   


  1. Dumb Things
  2. Same Old Walk
  3. Big Heart
  4. Don't Stand So Close to the Window
  5. Forty Miles to Saturday Night
  6. I Don't Remember a Thing
  7. Know Your Friends
  8. To Her Door
  9. Under The Sun
  10. Untouchable
  11. Desdemona
  12. Happy Slave
  13. Crosstown
  14. Bicentennial
  15. Bradman
  16. Pastures Of Plenty