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The Merri Soul Sessions 2 (LP)

Following releases of his groundbreaking song cycles, ‘Spring and Fall’ and ‘Conversations with Ghosts’, Paul Kelly released another innovative chapter in his long-standing career. Paul assembled his touring band and an exciting group of singers to record a set of new songs as well as one old classic. The tracks were performed live in the studio by Clairy Browne, Vika and Linda Bull, Dan Sultan, Kira Puru and himself. Dubbed ‘The Merri Soul Sessions’, the music was released as a series of four 7-inch vinyl singles (double A-side) over six months from July 2014. This will be followed by an album in early 2015 containing all of the singles and three more songs. The second single is I Don't Know What I'd Do (feat. Kira Puru), and Thank You (feat. Paul Kelly)  


1. I Don't Know What I'd Do (feat. Kira Puru)

2. Thank You (feat. Paul Kelly)