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Comedy (LP)

'Comedy' is a sprawling double album originally issued in 1991. Running just under an hour - the album ushers in a decidedly more personal tone creeping in under the anecdotal door, as themes of romance, regret, and adulthood stem from the 18 tracks (+ hidden track) laid out here. Each song is either about a certain situation or a past event, usually involving Kelly as the protagonist. Whether they're fiction or not - his lyrical storytelling whisks the us away and drops us dead centre into the middle of his spiels.

Examples of Kelly's best work on this album include "I Can't Believe We Were Married," a tune about a marriage that fell apart where both parties were relieved, and "Sydney from a 747," centered around the theme of spontaneity and how nice it would be to just pick up and leave. The jewel in the crown is of course "From Little Things Big Things Grow". The song was co-written by Kelly and Kev Carmody and is based on the story of The Gurindji Strike and Vincent Lingiari as part of the Indigenous Australian struggle for land rights and reconciliation.


  1. Don't Start Me Talking
  2. Stories of Me
  3. Wintercoat
  4. It's All Downhill from Here
  5. Leaving Here for the Last Time
  6. Brighter
  7. Your Little Sister (Is a Big Girl Now)
  8. I Won't Be Your Dog Anymore
  9. Take Your Time
  10. Sydney from a 727
  11. Buffalo Ballet
  12. I Can't Believe We Were Married
  13. From Little Things Big Things Grow
  14. Blue Stranger
  15. Keep It to Yourself
  16. (You Can Put Your) Shoes Under My Bed
  17. Invisible Me
  18. Little Boy Don't Lose Your Balls