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Gossip (2CD)

 Produced by Alan Thorne and Paul Kelly, 'Gossip' was originally released as a double album in September 1986 - peaking at #15 on the National albums charts achieving gold record status.There was singles chart success for "Before Too Long" which peaked at #15 and "Darling it Hurts" reaching #25. 'Gossip' was also widely released in America - launching Paul Kelly and his band - now called The Coloured Girls (after a line from Lou Reed's 'Walk On The Wild Side') on an American tour, initially supporting Crowded House and then head-lining, travelling across the United States by bus. "Darling it Hurts" peaked at #19 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart in 1987.

The New York Times rock critic, John Pareles wrote "Mr. Kelly sang one smart, catchy three-minute song after another - dozens of them - as the band played with no-frills directness." following the band's performance at the Bottom Line Club in New York.


  1. Last Train to Heaven
  2. Leaps and Bounds
  3. Before the Old Man Died
  4. Down On My Speedway
  5. White Train
  6. Randwick Bells
  7. Before Too Long
  8. Adelaide
  9. I Won't Be Torn Apart
  10. Going About My Father's Business
  11. Somebody's Forgetting Somebody (Somebody's Letting Somebody Down)
  12. The Ballroom
  13. Tighten Up 
  14. I've Come for Your Daughter
  15. So Blue 
  16. The Execution
  17. Incident On South Dowling Street
  18. Maralinga (Rainy Land)
  19. Darling It Hurts
  20. Look So Fine, Feel So Low
  21. Stories of Me
  22. Don't Harm the Messenger
  23. Gossip
  24. After the Show


WATCH: PK Performs "Going About My Father's Business" Live