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Live Apples (CD + DVD)

On September 20th, 2007 Paul Kelly performed at The Empire Theatre in Toowoomba, QLD in front of an adoring crowd. The show took place at the tail end of Paul's 6 week national theatre tour in support of the album "Stolen Apples" where he performed his latest album in it's entirety before playing some of his most loved songs during the second half of the show.   This CD/DVD version includes a bonus 60 minute live audio CD/DVD   

Live Apples DVD

  1. Feelings Of Grief
  2. God Told Me To
  3. Stolen Apples
  4. Sweetest Thing
  5. You're 39. You're Beautiful And You're Mine
  6. The Lion And The Lamb
  7. Right Outta My Head
  8. Keep On Driving
  9. The Ballad Of Queenie & Rover
  10. The Foggy Fields Of France
  11. Please Leave Your Light On
  12. Winter Coat
  13. When I First Met Your Ma
  14. To Her Door
  15. Midnight Rain
  16. Before Too Long
  17. Going About My Father's Business
  18. Song From The Sixteenth Floor
  19. Careless
  20. How To Make Gravy
  21. Deeper Water
  22. Raining Pleasure
  23. They Thought I Was Asleep
  24. Standing On The Street Of Early Sorrows
  25. Sweet Guy
  26. Under The Sun
  27. Dumb Things
  28. God Told Me To - (Bonus Video)


Bonus CD

  1. They Thought I Was Asleep
  2. Midnight Rain
  3. Going About My Fathers Business
  4. Stolen Apples Taste The Sweetest
  5. To Her Door
  6. Sweetest Thing
  7. Careless
  8. The Ballad Of Queenie And Rover
  9. When I First Met Your Ma
  10. You're 39, You're Beautiful And You're Mine
  11. God Told Me To
  12. Deeper Water
  13. How To Make Gravy
  14. Raining Pleasure (With New Buffalo)