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Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly's Christmas Train (2LP) + Tomato Sauce Ornament & Signed Art Card

This set includes the Paul Kelly Christmas Train 2LP, signed art card & Limited Edition Sauce Bottle Ornament

Paul Kelly’s first Christmas album is an extraordinary 22-song double collection that travels across the centuries, from a Latin hymn to well-known carols, from a traditional Irish folk ballad to new Kelly music written for Christmas poems.

Kelly says: “I’ve chosen songs I love, which led me often to wander off the well-worn path, then chosen singers I thought best suited to them.”



1. Nativity - Paul Kelly

2. Silent Night - Paul Kelly, Alice Keath & Sime Nugent

3. Swing Around The Sun - Paul Kelly

4. Christmas - Paul Kelly

5. Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) - Linda Bull & Paul Kelly

6. Little Drummer Boy - Paul Kelly



7. Arthur McBride - Paul Kelly

8. The Virgin Mary Had One Son - Emma Donovan & Paul Kelly

9. Tapu te Pō (O Holy Night) - Marlon Williams, The Dhungala Children's Choir & Paul Kelly

10. Shalom Aleichem - Lior, Alice Keath, Emily Lubitz & Paul Kelly

11. The Oxen - Paul Kelly



12. The Friendly Beasts - Paul Kelly, Kasey Chambers & Dan Kelly

13. Three Drovers - Paul Kelly, Alice Keath & Sime Nugent

14. Christmas Must Be Tonight - Paul Kelly

15. Surah Maryam - Waleed Aly & Paul Kelly

16. Coventry Carol - Kate Miller-Heidke, Jess Hitchcock, Alice Keath, Marlon Williams & Paul Kelly

17. In The Hot Sun Of A Christmas Day - Paul Kelly



18. How To Make Gravy - Paul Kelly

19. Christmas Train - Vika Bull & Paul Kelly

20. Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing - Paul Kelly

21. Intonent Hodie - Alice Keath & Paul Kelly

22. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? - Alma Zygier & Paul Kelly

Sauce Bottle Ornament features the sauce bottle used on the How To Make Gravy EP art from 1996. Measures 10cm high and is printed on wood.

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