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Post (LP)

Originally released in May 1985 - Post is a stark, personal collection of acoustic songs that highlight Kelly's broadly based songwriting skill. Australian Rolling Stone hailed Post as the best record of 1985. The album was produced by Clive Shakespeare (Sherbet guitarist) and Paul Kelly himself and recorded over two weeks in the summer of 1985 & now available on vinyl. Charting at #46 on release; the album has nonetheless gone on to be considered an Australian classic; boasting such tracks as 'From St Kilda To Kings Cross', 'Look So Fine, Feel So Low' and 'You Can Put Your Shoes under My Bed'. Many have likened 'Post' to Springsteen's Nebraska, where there is a beauty and delicateness in a raw production, with the emphasis on the words, the melodies, the song structures that are the defining elements of Kelly as a songwriter.  


  1. From St. Kilda To Kings Cross
  2. Incident On South Dowling
  3. Look So Fine, Feel So Low
  4. White Train
  5. Luck
  6. Blues For Skip
  7. Adelaide
  8. Satisfy Your Woman
  9. You Can Put Your Shoes Under My Bed
  10. Standing On The Street Of Early Sorrows
  11. Little Decisions