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Professor Ratbaggy (LP)

Originally released in April 2000, this eponymous debut has been re-issued. Professor Ratbaggy is Paul Kelly and Andy Baldwin; it is, if you like, Paul's electronic voice in his folky wilderness. Leaning heavily towards dub, Kelly's obvious intention is to maintain the standards of traditional songwriting while applying the diversity of sounds that electronic production allows. So don't expect underground, experimental club tunes; this is still about a pleasing song. He keeps it fairly minimal, which is probably why he's gone to dub and breakbeat for drum lines and open melodies with the odd lyric to remind us it's good old Paul Kelly at the helm.  


  1. Please Myself
  2. White Trash
  3. Can't Fake It
  4. Moni, Make It Good
  5. Coma
  6. Love Letter
  7. Blowfly
  8. See The Birdie Fly Out
  9. Mannish Woman
  10. Rise And Shine
  11. Oh Death