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Paul Kelly

Time (2CD)

Time is the first in a series of themed compilations from acclaimed troubadour and Australian national treasure Paul Kelly.

Over the course of 30 songs across 2CDs we explore PK songs on the theme of TIME. Alongside well known anthems like "Before Too Long" and "When I First Met Your Ma" are hidden gems/album tracks from PK’s vast history that show the sheer depth and brilliance of one of the most respected bodies of work in Australian music history.

Four of the tracks are exclusive to this release, with the brand new track "Back To The Future" opening the set and three recently recorded live tracks also appearing.


CD 1
1. Back To The Future (new track)
2. If I Could Start Today Again
3. Time And Tide
4. When I First Met Your Ma
5. The Pretty Place
6. Love Never Runs On Time (LIVE)
7. Cities Of Texas
8. For The Ages
9. Before Too Long
10. The Oldest Story In The Book
11. Sonnet 60
12. Standing On The Street Of Early Sorrows
13. The Trees
14. I Wasted Time
15. From Little Things Big Things Grow (LIVE)

CD 2
1. You're 39, You're Beautiful And You're Mine
2. Same Old Walk
3. Going About My Father's Business
4. Winter Coat
5. Little Aches And Pains
6. Sonnet 73
7. Randwick Bells
8. Young Lovers
9. Song Of The Old Rake
10. To Be Good Takes A Long Time
11. Won't You Come Around?
12. Deeper Water (LIVE)
13. How To Make Gravy
14. Buffalo Ballet
15. The Magpies