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Ways & Means (2LP)

Ways & Means was originally released in February 2004, and peaked at #13 on the ARIA Albums Charts. It won the 2004 ARIA Music Award for Best Adult Contemporary Album. A NOTE FROM PAUL: "A lot of the songwriting for Ways and Means goes back to August 2002 when Peter Luscombe, Bill MacDonald, Dan Luscombe (hereafter referred to as Danel), Dan Kelly (Dank) and myself began jamming once a week in a rehearsal room. Dank and I were sharing a house and had a few co-written tunes already up and running. Everyone else brought in ideas and by early 2003 we had a stack of music recorded on ye olde trusty beat box. I did a lot of walking around the neighbourhood over the next few months pounding out lyrics for the tunes to my brain. By June we had enough to start work with Tchad Blake who came over to co-produce. We recorded 24 songs over three weeks and drank around 50 bottles of wine.   Then in July Tchad and I mixed the record in the lovely west country of England. For trainspotters, Dank’s in the right speaker, Daniel in the left and Peter, Bill and I are in both. While we were waiting for the record to come out the five of us, now known as The Boon Companions, collaborated on music for a film by Alkinos Tsilimidos entitled Missing Tom. We also recorded a theme song and nine tracks for a Fireflies, a new TV series, which will commence screening on the ABC this February."  


  1. Gunnamatta
  2. The Oldest Story In the Book
  3. Heavy Thing
  4. Won't You Come Around?
  5. These Are the Days
  6. Beautiful Feeling
  7. Crying Shame
  8. Sure Got Me
  9. To Be Good Takes a Long Time
  10. Can't Help You Now
  11. Little Bit o' Sugar
  12. Forty-Eight Angels
  13. Your Lovin' Is On My Mind
  14. You Broke a Beautiful Thing
  15. My Way Is to You
  16. Curly Red
  17. King of Fools
  18. Young Lovers
  19. Big Fine Girl
  20. Let's Fall Again